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Blanc Textil began its journey in 1986, focused on the manufacture of non-woven fabric Stichbond (Napa).

We are a family business that is located in the Comunitat Valenciana, exactly in Ontinyent, cradle of the Spanish textile.

A decade later, in 1994, it incorporates other manufacturing lines, such as Needle Punch or punching, getting to expand its already extensive range of products and to meet the needs of countless sectors.

Blanc Textil has sought a close collaboration with its customers in order to improve day by day, having as main objectives the quality and service.

We have been producing Stichbond (Napa) since 1986. The Stichbond is a non-woven fabric produced with Maliwatt technology, that is, a fabric that unifies parallel and interlaced fibers forming a veil to which a warp that can be applied is inserted. Different material (polyester, polyamide, etc.).