Blanc-Textil, S.A. was founded in 1986 and is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of textile products, both non-woven and conventional loom produced fabrics. Our products have many applications, the most important being: in home furnishings: bed linen, bed covers and covers for sofas; and Printed Fabrics for the manufacture of mattresses. For industrial applications: materials for the inside and outside of footwear, both sports shoes and slippers, including punching over the whole range and colours with different finishes. In the design range, products for sunshades, printed patterns and chairs cushions for the country, beach and garden.

The advanced technology of our machinery makes it possible for us to work in widths between 150 centimetres and six metres, so meeting all possible requirements both in width and quality in cotton, polyesters, 100% acrylics and many mixtures. Annual production is approximately thirty million square metres (30,000,000 m2), 30% of which is exported (United States, Europe, Arab Emirates and South America).

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